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Self-made marketing phenomena Neil Patel says that there is an alternative to buying Google Ads to grow your company. The answer he says is creating a free leader product or service that drive customers to your site for you to later upsell.

Panera CEO: We Can Never be the Food Police

“Panera can never be the food police,” says Panera CEO Blaine Hurst in a recent interview. “That is not even our mantra. We have got to be the brand that is relentlessly pursuing better eating.”

Analyst: Services is the Linchpin For Apple to Reach a $1.5 Trillion Valuation

The key to Apple’s success is to execute on China, execute on the iPhone and to continue to grow its services business according to Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush.

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Putting on an event, marketing an event and more importantly, measuring the impact of your event has never been easy. Enter Bizzabo, a company that is working to become the Salesforce of Events.


One detail that I see repeated over and over and over again in your YouTube videos is that you forget that this medium requires you to amp everything up a little bit more than what’s probably your normal delivery.

Drive.AI Launches Free Self-Driving Car Service in Arlington, Texas

Drive.AI has launched a free self-driving car service in Arlington, Texas. “In Arlington, we are launching three different services,” said Drive.AI CEO Bijit Halde.

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Christie’s announced that it is going to auction for the first time art that has been generated via an artificial intelligence algorithm which is estimated to sell for $7,000 to $10,000.

Google Search Algorithm Update on October 16th Looks Like a Big One

SEO expert Barry Schwartz said that he sees “lots of signals” that the recent October 16 Google algorithm update was a “big one.” Barry also talked about a Webmaster Hangout this morning with Google’s John Mueller.

YouTube is Now Making it a Lot Cheaper to Advertise on TV

In its bid to capture a portion of television advertising revenues, Google’s YouTube has finally launched an option to run campaigns on TV screens. Labeled “TV screens device type” on the Google Ads platform, the option will allow advertisers to…


Domino’s Pizza continues to implement innovative technology to maintain it’s competitive edge in the pizza business. The company continues to be on the cutting edge of technology in its use of autonomous vehicles that are actually delivering pizza in Las Vegas.


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